Power tool operation requirements

Source: YONGKANG GUANLI INDUSTRY & TRADE CO.,LTDRelease time: 2022-04-16

1. Wear appropriate protective gear, and wear a dust mask when running a job that generates a lot of dust.

2. The workplace must be kept neat and tidy. Pay attention to environmental factors. Do not expose power tools to rain and do not use power tools in wet places. Do not use power tools near flammable gas/liquid. The workplace must have sufficient lighting equipment.

3. Prevent electric shock. Avoid letting your body touch the grounded objects, such as pipeline, equipment, etc. when working.

4. Do not allow people not related to the work to touch the machine or wire, or allow the above people to enter the work area.

5. The electric wire of the power tool must be placed behind the machine body and away from the drill.

6. Use the machine with appropriate performance, do not overload the machine, and operate it according to the rate indicated on the machine.

7. Do not wear loose clothing or ornaments when working, as the above-mentioned objects may be caught in the machine during operation.

8. Use the wire according to the regulations, do not pull the wire to lift the machine, do not pull the wire to pull out the plug. Wires must be away from high temperatures, oil and sharp edges.

9. Fix the material to be processed. Use the fixing device or vise to fix the processing material.

10. Stand firmly on your feet to avoid operating the machine in an unstable position. Ensure a firm foothold when working and keep the limbs smooth at all times.

11. Before performing any work on the hammer drill, pull the plug out of the socket to cut off the power supply.

12. Do not leave the tool wrench on the machine.

13. Beware of accidentally turning on the machine. Never put your hand on the on/off button when lifting a machine that has been powered on. Make sure the power switch of the machine is off before turning on the power.

14. Pay attention to the torque response when the drill starts to run; pay attention when the drill is stuck tight.

15. Keep alert at all times, keep your mind clear when working, and do not use the machine if you cannot concentrate.

16. Power tool maintenance should be handed over to professional personnel.