Handheld power tools use and storage

Source: YONGKANG GUANLI INDUSTRY & TRADE CO.,LTDRelease time: 2022-06-16

1. Hand-held power tools must have dedicated management, regular maintenance and a sound management system.

2. Each use before the appearance of the inspection and electrical inspection.

Appearance inspection includes.

(1) the shell, handle cracks and damage, fasteners are complete and effective.

(2) whether the soft cable or soft wire is intact, the protection of zero (ground) is correct, solid, the plug is intact.

(3) whether the switch action is normal, flexible and intact.

(4) whether the electrical protection devices and mechanical protection devices are intact.

(5) whether the tool rotation part is flexible and free of obstacles, the chuck is firm.

Electrical inspection includes.

(1) normal reaction after energization, the switch control is effective.

(2) the enclosure should not leak after the power is applied by the test pen inspection.

(3) The signal indication is correct, and the automatic control function is normal.

(4) for rotary tools, after the power to observe the brush spark and sound should be normal.

(3) hand-held power tools in the use of places should be installed with a separate power switch and protection devices. The power cord must be copper-core multi-strand rubber cable or PVC-sheathed cable; cable should avoid heat sources, and can not be dragged in the ground.

4. The power switch or latch should be intact, and it is strictly forbidden to insert the wire core directly into the socket or hook on the switch. In particular, to prevent the fire wire and zero wire to switch.

5. The operation of hand drill or hammer and other rotary tools, not with wire gloves, not to hold the rotating part of the tool or wire, the use of the process to prevent the wire is rotating part of the twist.

6. Hand-held power tools are used, must be disconnected from the power supply side.

7. When using hand-held power tools at height, the following should be set up a ladder, and in the event of electric shock can quickly cut off the power.